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Intellectual Property Law

Registration, Management, & Protection

For everyone from artists, authors, and musicians to small business owners and individuals, intellectual property (IP) can be among the most valuable assets in your portfolio. Our Massachusetts intellectual property attorneys specialize in all aspects of the protection of your personal or commercial IP. 


IP is a continually evolving and complex field, and choosing a firm with a proven history of expertise in the subject is essential to effectively managing your intangible assets. Whether you need to register a copyright or a trademark, or protect a previously-registered asset, our boutique IP firm is the ideal choice to

serve you. 

Music, Art, &

Entertainment Law

Contracts, Licensing, & the Arts

From 1998 to 2013, the arts & entertainment sector has grown nearly 33%, and contributes nearly 5% (over $700 billion) of the entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States. Simply put, the arts and entertainment business is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing sectors of the national economy and the explosion of content creation tools has put the ability to enter this industry within reach of just about everyone. 

Professional artists understand that the best way to enjoy success in this highly competitive industry is to surround yourself with an exceptional team and that an experienced entertainment attorney is the foundation of that team. 

Regardless of whether you are a musician, filmmaker, visual artist, voice actor, game developer, or writer who seeks success and guidance through the ever-changing world of the entertainment business, our boutique entertainment law firm is the perfect choice for those who seek well-versed, zealous, and 

professional representation. 

Contract Negotiation & Drafting

Building a Framework for Success

A well-drafted contract and zealously-negotiated contract is the cornerstone of a successful transaction. Contracts can be both a sword and shield for individuals and businesses, so it is crucial to consult with an attorney before signing on the dotted line. Our attorneys can advise, counsel, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are well-represented when faced with crafting your next transaction. 

If you have already signed a contract and need assistance understanding your rights and obligations, our Massachusetts contract attorneys can help you navigate the tricky waters of contract law. 

Business & Commercial Law

There For Your Business

When It Matters Most

Every business, large or small, profit or non-profit, needs a good attorney. However, finding an attorney who understands the challenges facing small business owners and startups in today's market can be a daunting task. Our office proudly serves businesses of all sizes, from startup sole proprietors to large, formally organized entities. 


Our firm is focused on serving your business' legal needs from formation to the level of growth that best suits your organization. Having a good commercial attorney to ensure the best possible outcome can be the smartest decision a business can make. Whether deciding which business type is right for your enterprise, registering your trademarks and commercial IP, or hiring and managing your team, our office can be there for your business when you need us the most.   

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